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Date:2006 - 2011
Desc:Community site with live chat room and forum
Skill:PHP, JavaScript/DHTML/AJAX
Role:Owner, web developer, web designer, administrator
URL:GO TO http://ungu.com/
Status:Forum is now removed, while the chat room is still online but abandoned
Notes: This website is self-funded. Being a personal explorative project, the chat room is only hosted (and highly optimized to run) in a shared web server, serving only three (initially was one) public chat room, and only spread by word of mouth. It was regularly visited mostly by young audiences from Indonesia and Malaysia, due to having an easy-to-remember name (ungu is purple in Bahasa Indonesia) and the fact that it has the same name as a popular music group band in Indonesia.

The main feature was the in-house ajax-based chat facility. The forum was using a third party package (SMF).

Chat room features:

Some numbers from the chat room:


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The home page (2006)
Chat login page (2006)
Chat room page (2006)


The home page (2008)
Chat login page (2008)
Chat room page (2008)


The home page (2011)
Chat login page (2011)