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Advanced Tic Tac Toe

Desc:Advanced Tic Tac Toe support huge board, unusual board shapes, multiple players, and play against computers
Skill:PHP, JavaScript, algorithm & data structure
Role:Analyst, web developer
URL:DEMO http://elfan.net/tictac
Status:Online demo is available on the link above
Note:This was made for a coursework on advanced algorithm in my university (Master degree).
It was made and tested in IE browser only (IE was still the most popular browser back then).




(Click on an image to open its actual size)

Normal board 10x10 cells with winning line length 5, human vs computer

Showing the heat map, to get the hint of where the best spot is

Large board 100x100 cells, one human vs 3 computers

Chess board 20x20 cells, human vs computer, can win only with diagonal lines