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IT Help Desk

Desc:Support ticketing system for IT Help Desk Department
Skill:PHP, JavaScript/AJAX, MySQL
Role:System analyst, full-stack web developer, web designer
Client:a major bank in Indonesia
Note:Requirement: the site needs to run in IE only


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  • Some part of the captured images has been blurred to protect the client-related data.

    Public pages (accessible without having to log in)

    The home page, displaying the latest news and information from the help desk department

    Form for creating a new problem ticket

    Ajax-based input verification, and pop up category selection from a tree structure

    Click the attachment button

    Select a file to upload

    Uploading a file

    File is uploaded
    Ajax-based file upload for attachment

    Click the capture button

    Floating screen capture tool

    Part of the screen has been captured

    Uploading the capture image

    Screen capture image is uploaded
    Screen capture using ActiveX and upload the captured image as attachment

    Browse the knowledge base, including a search tool that will give the results as the user types-in the keywords

    Login page, with captcha image to prevent password guessing using automated login

    Login protected pages (accessible after logged in)

    The home page after logged in, more features can be accessed

    The list of problem tickets, along with their status, updated in real time

    Detailed view of a problem ticket, including its update history

    Holiday calendar, to input the non-working days throughout the year, which will be used in calculating the SLA

    Activity report of any help desk agent on any date

    File manager, to upload some files that will be available for the public to download

    News manager

    News editor

    Category manager (manage category items in a tree structure)

    SLA manager (Service Level Agreement)

    User account manager

    User group manager

    System configuration

    Summary report

    Clicking a summarized number in the summary report will open the coresponding ticket list

    Summary report with a pie chart