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Generic Form & Table

Desc:AngularJS generic libraries to create forms and data tables/grids
Skills:AngularJS, AngularUI, jQuery, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap
URL:N/A (proprietary)
Status:Actively used internally to develop a commercial product

These are advanced libraries of Generic Form and Generic Table generators which power 40+ forms and 25+ tabular data grids in the Admin UI of a commercial software product. These libraries allow a front-end or back-end developer to quickly specify high level program logic (the behavior, not the implementation) of a form or tabular data page in form of JSON configurations. The JSON can also be supplied dynamically from API payload for fully data-driven UI behavior.

Some notable features of the Generic Form:

Some notable features of the Generic Table:


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Typical Data Grid
Shown on mobile screen
Simple grouping
Row reordering and custom group header
Nested structure: table within form within table
Generic Form Playgound
Input type Image used in Branding Editor
When all generated fields are shown in Branding Editor